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Dr Sarah Gall

Dr Sarah Gall is the project lead and a lecturer in marine conservation at the University of Plymouth. Her interests lie in sustainability and wise use of the marine environment and her research is focused on fisheries management and marine plastics. Her PhD examined the impact of pots on the marine environment in Lyme Bay and she is excited to be expanding on this research whilst working with Jof.


Thalia Stinton

Thalia Stinton is a volunteer research assistant on the project having completed her undergraduate degree in Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology at the University of Plymouth and is now pursuing a research masters in Marine Biology. She is the president of the Marine Biology Society at Plymouth and can be found on the rocky shore collecting shells and pursuing new marine adventures.


Adam Woodward

Adam Woodward is one of the volunteer research assistants working and living on St Agnes. He recently graduated with a BSc in Marine Biology from the University of Exeter and is keen to begin his journey into the world of fishery science. He is also a keen Gig Rower, meaning that being near or in the ocean is a must for Adam, making this project an ideal way to spend his summer.

Isles of Scilly Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA)

The IFCA is providing technical support to the project and providing assistance on the ground to help link the University, research assistants and Jof Hicks.


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